Camilla Belle Wishes Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Good Luck


Joe Jonas’ ex girlfriend Camilla Belle recently commented on the rumored relationship between Joe and singer/actress Demi Lovato.

“I wish them all the best. Good luck to them.”

Do you guys think Joe and Demi are dating?


15 Responses to “Camilla Belle Wishes Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Good Luck”

  1. Joseph is Love xD Says:

    O.O oh wow

  2. Nah, I don’t think they’re dating, would be cool though

  3. i’ve heard from inside sources and they’re definitely more than friends :l but they’re like brother and sister so idk what to think lmfao :]

  4. Stupid Camilla.
    If both Demi and Joe deny any relationship other than best friends or a “brother-sister” feeling then we should believe them and Camilla just made thw rumor worse by saying that.
    But somewhere it’s … Nice? of her to say it… I guess?

  5. Camilla’s very cute (: but I DON’T believe in JEMI. never did, never will

  6. I think they sound good friends, nothing more!

  7. oh , it would be so cool if they were together . they make an awesome couple 🙂

  8. nope I don’t think they’re dating.

  9. i dont think they are dating but joe deffo lookd hot on this ptc like normal

  10. I dont think that right now they are dating I mean Joe and Demi always had this Brother-Sister relationship and I think that its cute that way!!!Camilla Just came and fed the rumors even more….

  11. i saw on a french site (translated from english) that kevin said joe shouldn’t date demi, blablabla .. so kevin don’t believe in JEMI. 😦

  12. I hope to God that they’re dating…if NOT now, I HOPE soon!

  13. muchbetterx Says:

    it would be nice if they were. i believe it will happen. the earth works in mysterious ways. *gets all superstitious*

  14. I’m not so sure but I have heard a lot of rumors.. I’d be cool though 🙂 I always wanted Jemi as a couple.

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