Joe Jonas& Miley Cyrus In A Hot Tub


Vintage picture of Joe Jonas,Miley Cyrus and Roger Gonzalez in a hot tub.


11 Responses to “Joe Jonas& Miley Cyrus In A Hot Tub”

  1. Joseph is Love xD Says:

    I wanna see Joe in a hot tub now,
    I wonder what the difference would be like xD

  2. OMG.! Joe looks soo hoot. ♥
    But how old is this picture.???

  3. Joe looks SO cute ❤

  4. JoeJandDemiL Says:


  5. oh whatever! joe is so far away from miley!

  6. awwwwwwwwwwww joe looks like he is gettin left out, joe i wouldnt leave u out xxxxxxxxx

  7. what in the world is that Miley doing there? gosh i dont know how Joe stands her lmfao.

  8. this picture is from so long ago.

  9. OMJ Joe is so HOT, HOT, HOT! I wish i was there, i would probably melt, LOL! I just cant take my eyes off of him!:)

  10. muchbetterx Says:

    OH HELL NO. BACK AWAY FROM JOE, MILEY. BACK AWAY. joe looks so adorable. i wanna be next to him.

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